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In Connect KIDS, we want children to learn to connect to God’s word through exciting, age
appropriate bible teaching in an environment that is intentional and exciting! We have 2 Connect
KIDS environments each Sunday morning offered at 830.945 & 11am.

Our K-2nd grade environment, is offered during both service times. After checking your child in,
you can drop them off in their class to experience an exciting time of learning God’s word with
loving and caring teachers.

Our 3-5th grade environment is also offered during both service times. After checking your child in, your child will start out in the worship service with you to experience worship as a family.  After the music, your child will be dismissed to the 3-5th grade Connect KIDS environment, where they will experience an engaging bible lesson.


(3rd thru 5th Bible Blast Video)

McKayla Norman,

NextGen Assistant Director




Will my kids be safe?

Yes, we take that seriousl.y. You will check your kids in and recieve nametags for them and a badge for you that has matching numbers on them. Kids are not released to adults without matching the numbers on both the nametags and badge. In addition, we are always monitoring to make sure there are enough workers to kids. 


Do you serve snacks?

Yes, we usually serve animal crackers, goldfish crackers, etc. and a drink. 


What if my kids have a food allergy?

When you check your kids in for the first time, you can let the worker know that information and they will include that on the child's profile. Each week when nametags are printed, that information will be on the label for workers to see. 


What do you teach my kids?

We use Christian curriculum specially geared for each age range.  Your kids will learn stories and application through various methods including: video, teaching, music and activities. In addition to your kids learning this information, we as a church align our teaching across all age groups which promotes family learning and discussion. You can know that you and your kids are learning about the same topics. 


Have a question you don't see the answer to? Feel free to contact us anytime to inquire at

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