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Why do we have student ministry?


With parents trying to navigate through all the issues they face on daily basis, it can be overwhelming to also try and focus all of our attention on our children with the situations they face as well. We want to partner with the parents to help disciple students as they face this spiritual battle. We need each other. It takes an entire community of different people interacting with children, so they know what a biblical community looks like. Hebrews 10:25 reminds us that we should never neglect Christian fellowship. However, this does not mean we should outsource our parental responsibility of discipling our kids. Parents are the main spiritual leader and student night is part of that community. We don’t want student night to be thought of as your child’s social hour and game night. Too many student ministries fall into the trap of giving 75% to games and 15% to teaching. With our students facing an onslaught of struggles, playing games most of the time doesn’t seem to remedy the situation. It certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have recreation and have fun! As the old saying goes, “you will keep them with what you catch them with”. So if students are “caught” with crazy games, coffee bars, comfy couches and neon lights….as soon as those things are gone, so are the students. We would rather students experience unconditional love and grace and feel like they are coming to see family every Wednesday so they keep coming back. ll succeed in honoring God!

Tayra and I love those students and we are honored to be able to teach them!


In His Grip,


Chris Douglas (aka C. Dougie)

Student Pastor, Chris Douglas