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Tuesdays | 6pm - 8pm

What is Celebrate Recovery?

It is a Christ-centered program that uses the 12 Steps, the 8 Recovery Principles, and most important, the Bible, to help EVERYONE with ANY hurt, hang-up, or habit. CR is a safe place to come together to either help others or to be helped by others in a confidential and nonjudgmental environment. This is a place to carry each other’s burdens, not a place to be looked down on or judged in any way.

What type of hurts, hang-ups, and habits will Celebrate Recovery help with?

When people hear the words “12 Step” they automatically think about those that struggle with a substance such as drugs or alcohol. The awesome thing is CR not only helps with these things but also things such as: anger, lust, pornography, codependency, divorce, eating disorder, self-harm, gambling, abuse, suicide, along with any other hurt, hang-up, or habit in this fallen world. For more information about some of the core struggles dealt with in CR please see the Celebrate Recovery information board in the hallway outside of the sanctuary.


What can I expect?

The first part of the meeting is what is called Large Group. We start off with worship music and then either do a lesson or listen to a testimony. The second part the meeting is what is called Small Group Open Share. During this time everyone breaks into small groups for a time of sharing. The groups are broken down by gender and each group is kept small for a more comfortable time of sharing. Each person can share as much or as little as they would like. No one is pressured to share anything. This is a laid back time where we can be there for each other as we get help with ANY of our hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

Free childcare is provided. 

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or if you need more information, please contact: Cristina or Pastor Steve Bayer!

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